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In 2009, Jim Chen and Michael Chen brothers founded Master Fireworks company in Liuyang.

The two brothers were born in Liuyang City, Hunan Province, known as the Hometown of Fireworks in China. Their father began to work in Liuyang Fireworks &Firecrackers Export Company in the early 1980s. At that time, there were only two fireworks export companies in Hunan Province. “Liuyang Fireworks” was the only one in Liuyang city. Their mother was a local middle school English teacher. Influenced by their parents' career, the two brothers have been fond of fireworks and learning foreign languages since childhood. When they were young, they would often go to different fireworks factories with their father. Sometimes when foreign customers came, the brothers often had the opportunity to accompany their father to watch the fireworks sample demo with the customers.

After graduating from high school, they both chose international trade as their major. After graduating from University, the old brother Michael entered his father's company and began the career in fireworks business. And the younger brother Jim joined a famous Sino-Italian joint venture fireworks company in Liuyang, to engage in fireworks export.

In 2009, based on their love for fireworks, they came up with the idea of founding their own fireworks company together. Since its establishment in 2009, the company has established and maintained close cooperation with more than 60 importers from different countries.

Today, Master Fireworks has grown into one of the best fireworks export companies in China. They will continue to maintain the love of fireworks, operate in good faith, provide customers with the best quality fireworks and services, and continue to create greater value for customers.

Master fireworks sincerely invites customers from all over the world to come to negotiate, looking forward to establishing mutual trust and win-win cooperation with you.

Master Fireworks, Fireworks Master!