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M18 - 031
मास्टर नियंत्रक (संगीत)
मास्टर नियंत्रक (संगीत)

मास्टर नियंत्रक (संगीत)

आइटम नंबर: M18-031

पैक: 1/1


1. Support to monitor, enlarge and weaken the firing signals;

2. Possess an audio host function;

3. An MIDI interface meets the requirement of synchronization stage sound and light devices;

4. Support rapid and slow-down ignition;

5. Support multiple time code format;

6. Support a signal “optional stop” mode;

7. Support the storage of multiple arrangement tables;

8. Support manual on-line programming and computer programming;

9. Support directional ignition.

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