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Master Fireworks is China’s excellent fireworks supplier. Brothers Michael (Chen Ying) and Jim (Chen Jia), the founders of the company, were born in the late 1970s in Liuyang, Hunan, the hometown of fireworks in China.

In the 1980s, their father worked in Liuyang Fireworks & Firecrackers Export Company, which was the only fireworks export company in Liuyang at that time. Their mother was an English teacher at a local middle school. Influenced by their parents, they liked fireworks and English since childhood. They followed their father to many different fireworks factories when they were young. When foreign customers came to visit, they often went to see the fireworks sample demonstration and liked to communicate with foreigners in English, although they could not speak much English at that time.

In the university, both Michael and Jim chose the major of International Trade. In the late 1990s, after graduation, Michael joined the same company of his father, while Jim joined a well-known Sino-Italian joint venture fireworks manufacturing and exporting company, they started the fireworks career.

In 2009, based on their love and perseverance to fireworks industry, they decided to found their own fireworks brand - Master Fireworks. Since the establishment of the company, they have always adhered to the principle of focusing on quality and integrity to serve customers. They have been committed to providing high-quality consumer fireworks, professional display fireworks and party products to importers all over the world.

Master Fireworks cooperates with more than 50 high-quality fireworks factories, which can not only ensure that they can supply a wide range of quality products, but also ensure timely delivery, it also makes their prices quite competitive. Every year, they design and present dozens of new products to meet the needs of different customers.

Master Fireworks has a young, energetic, dedicated and professional team. They have always maintained the original intention and mission, and deeply engraved the Magic colors, Amazing effects, Superior products, Talented team, Efficient service and Reliable partner into the genes of Master Fireworks.

Through years of development, Master Fireworks has grown into one of the best fireworks exporters in China. They have closely cooperated with customers from Europe, the United States and global market to continuously create value for customers.

Thanks to our customers, every step of the growth of Master Fireworks is inseparable from your strong support. Master Fireworks sincerely welcomes more new customers to work together for mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

Master Fireworks, Color Your Life!

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